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1,3 Dimethoxybenzene


Sorry. Had this for over a year but finally here it is! I know, I know: excuses, excuses. But the reason this one took so long to 'release' is simply that I was at a loss in terms of how to even begin to describe it. 


Many of you will now have tried Veratrole, which despite having a dollop of cream as its picture, is extraordinarily "dark" smelling to a lot of people; conjuring a certain ombre mustiness alongside its sweeter tendencies. 


This aromachemical is even more Apothecarycore: to me it smells like dust, with a certain peculiar peat quality. But please don't let me sway you too much, as my beta testers have described it as everything from "a cheweing gum I had as a child" to "eating snow"❄️😶


If you don't mind spoilers, read on - we'll see what ppl like Arctander said.


Very powerful, sweet-earthy and intensely nut-like odor, reminiscent of Hazelnuts (or Filberts). The author finds that the odor is better described as resembling that of “old Hazelnuts”, just shelled and then crushed. The flavor is warm-herbaceous, Hazelnut-like and sweet in concentrations below 10 ppm. The flavor tends to become “earthy” at higher concentrations. This ether - although well known as a chemical - is not very often used in perfume compositions. In fact, it is missing in many perfume laboratories. Its effect with Oakmoss and Vetiver should indeed be tried by every perfumer with imagination and “material audacity”. The ether can certainly introduce very pleasant and unusual, inimitable notes to Chypres, Fougeres, Clover, Hyacinth, etc. - or simply be a novel additive to a moss base.


Also found in Black truffles

Isoveratrole (Noisettal)


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