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In short, Givaudan have just released a very special floral superpower, and it's just arrived at the lab! Hailed as a single-molecule replacement for Lilial, which has been effectively banned, Nympheal is a very welcome addition to the perfumer's toolkit. 


Nympheal is described by Givaudan as:


Nympheal™ is a diffusive floral cyclamen muguet note with green, watery and linden blossom facets. Nympheal™ imparts white floral watery density and brings a floral creaminess to the composition and high diffusivity.


The original 2014 patent by Kraft et al puts it more bluntly, stating that:


The compound of formula (I) possesses substantially similar odour characteristics and performance characteristics as Lilial...the present invention provides for a Lilial replacement based on a single compound.


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