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Whoah! This one has been in the works for a while – used for a few years in flavours, but relatively unheard of in perfumery. Detectable in quantities as low as 3 parts per billion, MVP is one of the most powerful spicy odorants – approximately ten times stronger than eugenol, and thirty times stronger than isoeugenol (!) – and yet untouched by IFRA.



I sat down to write this description for MVP and thought to myself “this’ll be easy, it’s so distinctive and charismatic”. This is true.


But it’s also enigmatic. In all honesty, despite having played with it for a while, it feels as though it has at least three distinct “perspectives” -- You know when you walk into a room you know well from a different door and have the feeling of entering an entirely different space? Smelling and blending with Methoxyvinyl Phenol can feel a bit like that.


Spicy clove perspective

Right out of the bottle, Methoxyvinyl Phenol is a slap in the face with a spicy clove note of quite some intensity. The feindish of you will immediately try this in carnation, lily and rose accords, and I don't blame you. 


Aged vanilla perspective

In place of Creosol, Ethyl Creosol, ultravanil and Vanitrope (or in addition to them), MVP provides immense volume and a certain maturity in compensating for the oversweetness of vanillin, ethyl vanillin and caramel notes.


Smoky oak perspective

In whisky and booze accords, it’s useful for reinforcing a complex wood and oak barrel note. As you can imagine, it’s an important part of the actual oak aroma in nature


Your milage may vary, and you may have entirely different ‘perspectives’, of course.

MVP 10% (Methoxyvinyl Phenol)


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